Thursday, August 26, 2010

From the land beyond beyond... from the world past hope and fear... I bid you, Genie, now appear.

I recently watched the movie 7th Voyage of Sinbad as part of my seven series. I have seen this film many times before and I can say that it is one of my top favorite fantasy/monster movies all because of the wonderful stop motion animation by the great Ray Harryhausen he makes any movie a classic. Plus it has a skeleton which he used later for Jason. Here is Richard Eyer as Barani the gene and Kathryn Grant as princess Parisa when she was shrunk by Sukurah the evil magician.

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  1. Thank you for including Sinbad's fervent invocation to the Genie! My adolescent self I saw this movie at first release, when I was all knees, elbows, gawkiness, big eyes and likely big hair too !-- and this gorgeous Hollywood gift hit me like a lightning bolt! Escapism? We require a "pause" from daily mundanities. Check! Lights, camera, action. gorgeous costumes (looking blithely past Pancake #10 makeup...!) Check, check, check! Fantasy (different than escapism ... fantasy is fueled by the dreams of the heart and soul, the "what if?" replied by "why not?"). This is "Lord of the Rings: The Prequel-ish circa 1950's". Mankind also requires the fantastical, dreaming from this to there via the "beyond of beyond", that perfect doorway of pause from breath to breath which charts the pathway to the transcendence. I have opened my heart to metaphysical studies and the above in-spiring (breathe in) quotation with slight adjustments to the "Genie", has come back to serve me again, again and again. And it always brings tears to my hears and a surge to my heart! Thank you!